“I’ve easily bypassed everything else I’ve tried. I’ve never had anything close to the type of success I’ve had with Plucky.”
Man flexing arms


You can have someone else instantly approve a site for you. This bypasses the waiting period / delay.


You can set different delays at different times.


An accountability partner can view which sites you have allowed.


You can schedule certain sites to be allowed or blocked only at certain hours. You can also schedule a blackout, where the entire Internet is blocked for certain hours.

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Super Powers


Plucky can block parts of something without blocking all of it. For example, blocking part of Youtube while allowing your classes, and blocking Google images without blocking Google search.


Plucky won't uninstall until after the waiting period.

"As a woman struggling with porn, I'm grateful for computer-based help."

How To Harness Plucky's Powers

Decide your goals, observe your daily patterns, and customize Plucky to work for you. Here are some ideas.

Picture of Detox Dan
Detox Dan
12 hour delay

Dan is dedicated to kicking his habit.

  • Dan blocks images and videos across the web, except on sites for work.
  • He set his waiting period (delay) to 12 hours to get distance from temptation.
  • He uses the Expedite feature when he needs to allow images on a new site quickly for work.

Picture of Office Oscar
Office Oscar
4 hour delay
5 minute delay
4 hour delay

Oscar focuses well during the workday, but temptation is higher at home.

  • Oscar set his delay to 5 minutes during the workday.
  • He uses a 4 hour delay at all other times.
  • His accountability partner can see any changes he makes in his settings.

Picture of Student Sally
Student Sally
15 minute delay
Unblocks Social Media

A short delay is enough for Sally, and she’s also working on daytime studying and nighttime sleep.

  • Sally uses a 15-minute delay.
  • She only allows social media for 2 hours in the evening.
  • She uses a blackout to block the entire Internet during sleeping hours.