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Put your best self in control.

Plucky allows you to control your Internet, rather than it controlling you. The combination of features empowers you to make the changes you want to make—whether that’s avoiding temptation or focusing on work or study. Fully customizable yet tough to circumvent, it puts you in charge of your device—and yourself. Plucky is currently available on Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows.



In default mode, Plucky blocks all images and videos on all sites. Pictures are the biggest problem, aren’t they? Plucky gives you the Internet without the images—the information without the temptation.


Because zero pictures is pretty extreme, you can allow images on sites that are safe for you. But to safeguard you, they aren’t initially available until after a waiting period you decide on (for example, 24 hours). This delay removes the lure of instant gratification.


Plucky’s features powerfully combine to put you in charge. They let you make your Internet choices in moments of strength rather than weakness. This helps your goals win out over your impulses.


You have two selves at war within you: the impulsive self and the disciplined self. Plucky hands the controls to the disciplined self by using a waiting period. Research shows that a waiting period helps people resist addictive substances and behaviors by making them temporarily unavailable. The delay makes you choose what you want later, rather than what you want right now.


Subscriptions cost $0-15 per month. Sliding scale.


Plucky is more of a mission than a business, so our pricing is sliding scale. We don’t want money to be a barrier to freedom for anyone, especially users in developing countries. But we do expect at least $2/month from anyone able to afford it, because that helps keep Plucky accessible for everyone.

“Now I can work alone at my computer without fighting a constant battle in my mind.”

“It is a spiritual battle. But having Plucky has helped me see that I do not always have to lose—God has given me tools to confront and overcome it.”

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Our mission is to provide a software tool for everyone ready to get porn out of their lives. The name Plucky (formerly Pluckeye) is inspired by Matthew 5 and also by the word pluck: courage and determination in the face of adversity. Jon created it for himself and wants to offer it to the world.

We're also a founding member of Builders, an alliance of Christian tech companies working together to fight porn.

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