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Put your best self in control.

Plucky helps you stick to your long-term goals rather than indulge in short-term Internet temptations. You set your own boundaries, and Plucky enforces them.

Plucky is available on Windows. macOS, Linux, and Android.

How it works

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Image Blocking

In classic mode, Plucky blocks all images and videos on all sites.



You can allow images on sites that are safe for you. But there's a safeguard: the first time you allow any site, there is a delay you chose ahead of time (for example, 5 minutes or 5 hours). And Plucky can't be uninstalled until after the delay.

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Plucky’s features combine to put your best self in charge. They let you make your Internet choices in moments of strength rather than weakness.

More Features
Take Courage. Take Control. Get Plucky.

Why it works

You have two selves at war: the disciplined self and the impulsive self. Plucky hands the controls to the disciplined self by using a delay. Research shows that a delay helps people resist addictive behaviors. It helps you choose what you want in the long run rather than right now.

Our Philosophy
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$0-15 per month. Sliding scale.

Try Plucky free for 30 days without entering payment information. After that, subscribe for $2-$15 per month (depending on income) if you live in a country with a per-capita GNI at least as high as that of Greece.

Subscribing helps Plucky to be free in countries where regular payments in USD is unrealistic. Plucky is used in over 100 countries (shown on map in blue).

Our Pricing Structure

Some Assembly Required

Plucky is a do-it-yourself filter for those who are ready to change and just need the tools. It will take some time to configure Plucky to fit your goals and your patterns of temptation. While the learning curve is steep, there is a growing community that can help you get started. (If you don’t hate it at first, we'll consider that a win.)

If Plucky doesn’t end up being a good fit for you, check out this chart of 10 or this interactive list of over 200 filters to find a better fit.

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“Now I can work alone at my computer without fighting a constant battle in my mind.”